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Non-Profit Consulting


Non-Profit Status

We help you get all the non-profit paperwork filled out and completed.

Grant Writing

We assist in grant writing for your non profit and hold classes.


Get contacts that we worked with first hand to partner with you.


We help create a successful fundraiser specifically for your cause.
about me

Denise Sherod, Your Non profit Navigator

Denise Sherod is the CEO of Sherod Consulting LLC. She fell in love with non profits when she was the exec. assistant to the President for the STOP inc. She stayed their for 11 years. She then turned her community’s Resident Council into a non profit and changed the community forever.

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Our Work

We have been doing work with the communities and other non profits for more then 15 years.

20 Sep 2018–23 Sep 2018

August 2016

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